Why I lost weigh to work in the adult entertainment industry

I have always been into porn movies, and I have wanted to work in the porn movie industry for a long time. The only problem was that I was a bit on the heavy side to work in the porn movie industry. I have a good friend who works for Manor Park escorts charlotteaction.org at the moment but before that she worked in the porn movie business. She told me that most production companies like curvy actresses but you need to be slim at the same time.


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To be honest, I have to admit that I am a very ambitious person. My best friend at Manor Park escorts say that it is a very good thing if you want to make it in the porn movie industry so I suppose this is one of the pluses of my personality. The only down side was that I was a bit of the chubby side. I did think about trying a few of the niche companies but I knew that I wanted to make it big, so I set up turning me into slim line model.
The first thing I did was to get in touch with a dietician. She was a bit surprised to hear that I wanted to be a porn star and I think that she did not really know what to say. My girlfriend who works for Manor Park escorts has got a really good body and she was the perfect role model for me. I showed photos of her and told the dietician that I wanted to lose weight in order to look more like my friend at Manor Park escort services.
The other thing I needed to do was to exercise. It was the dietician’s job to make sure that I had enough energy to do all of this, and it was going to be up to my personal training to make sure that I got the perfect figure for the job. My friend who worked for Manor Park escorts told me that a lot of the girls at Victoria Secret models exercise in a certain way. Most of the girls there have the perfect porn star bodies, so I told him that I wanted to look like that. He said that it could be done.
Now, a couple of years later, I am working in Los Angeles and doing really well. My friend at Manor Park escorts is really proud of me and I think that she is a bit envious at the same time. It does help if you are little bit pushy in this job and I certainly am pushy. Along with my perfect figure and pushy attitude, I have been able to land a lot of jobs. I love it out here in Los Angeles and I am not planning in returning to London any time soon. This is really my dream job, and I would never have dreamed of doing so well for myself. Like I say to my friends, I have found my place in the sun and in the porn industry.

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